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In order to know what we do here at A1 Service Center, you have to know why we do it. We want a relationship with you and your car. You, Your car, Your situation, and your budget. Frankly- If we see you once, we expect to see you again. We want the first thing that pops into your head when you have car issues- is us. With 1500+ clients visiting us a year, it is an amazing thing knowing people with a first name basis.

Maintenance options are tailored to your individual requirements and are delivered far better and more efficiently than your local dealership.

A few things to remember about maintenance that we want to remind you about.

It's the most effective, easiest way to make sure your vehicle stays in it's best shape.

Your vehicle is probably the second most expensive purchase, other than your house!

You depend on it to be there any time, and when it breaks- well, we get that life can be stressful.

We have direct experience (and lots of stories) of how missed and/or ignored maintenance caused painfully expensive repairs.

You must trust the shop. We all work towards the common goal of making our clients comfortable with our recommendations.

We're a Carfax reporting shop. It's much easier to sell a car that shows it's been properly maintained and service. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

A1 Service Center

A1 Service Center
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