5 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Summer!

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It's common knowledge that extra precautions should be taken to ensure automobile safety during the winter; but what about when temperatures begin to rise? While nothing can replace the expertise of a mechanic, there are a few things you can check to ensure that your car is ready to beat the heat! Keep reading or watch the video here.

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Keeping your car fresh!

If you're like many Americans you, as well as your family, friends,kids,and pets spend quite a bit of time in your car.  What that means is,over time things can start to look and smell...a little funky! Here's some great tips we've found (and tested!) that work to keep your vehicle smelling FRESH! 

1. Open a box of dryer sheets

Over on Reddit’s “Life Hacks” forum, a contributor who goes by j-mt suggestsstoring an opened box of dryer sheets under the front seat of your car. He says it’s cheaper and…

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Why you NEED a warranty

Why you SHOULD buy an extended warranty…

As much as we would like to hope that any car you buy runs and drives perfectly ALL the time, sometimes that just isn’t the case! Any machine runs the risk of malfunctioning.

95 percent of new AND used car…

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Q:  Do you offer In-House Finance?

A:  Yes, we sure do! One of our dedicated Buy Here Pay Here Managers would love to over details with you!


Q:  What is my down-payment?

A:  Your down payment is catered to you! Meaning there are SEVERAL factors that impact this.

If you have a trade in, how much that trade in is worth, how much the vehicle is, etc. Stop in for a FREE Trade in appraisal from one of our experts and we can help you work those numbers!


Q: Why must I come in to have my Trade in appraised…

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