Common Fuel System Problems

The fuel system and its components play a key role in the function of your motor. At A-1 Auto Sales, we want you to be educated when it comes to your vehicle. So, let's go over a few obvious signs that you need a fuel system service.

Vehicle Won't Start

If your vehicle just won't start, but still cranks over, this could be a failed fuel pump. If it still starts but with difficulty, this could mean the fuel filter is clogged.

Car Loses Power

If you experience a loss of power, especially higher speeds this could mean that you are experiencing a faulty or bad fuel pump that needs to be changed.

Engine Overheating

A not as obvious sign that you are having a fuel system issue is an overheating issue. So, keep your eyes on the temp gauge at all times.

If you suspect your vehicle is having a fuel-related issue, bring it to us at A-1 Auto Sales.

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