Why you NEED a warranty

Why you SHOULD buy an extended warranty…

As much as we would like to hope that any car you buy runs and drives perfectly ALL the time, sometimes that just isn’t the case! Any machine runs the risk of malfunctioning.

95 percent of new AND used car shoppers rank reliability high when choosing a car! And why wouldn’t you? Your hard earned money goes into your vehicle! This IS an investment!  According to a national survey conducted by Consumer Reports for many shoppers, even knowing which cars are trustworthy isn’t enough! They want protection. And we can help with that!

We offer several vehicle service contracts, or extended warranties. These are a fantastic solution for our customers who buy one of our pre owned vehicles. Whether you’re seeking FULL COVERAGE similar to a NEW car warranty, or maybe just your drive train. We have many affordable options that vary based upon your individual needs. We’ve got YOU covered!

One of our Experienced Sales Specialists would be happy to help you figure out exactly what you might want or need!

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