Q:  Do you offer In-House Finance?

A:  Yes, we sure do! One of our dedicated Buy Here Pay Here Managers would love to over details with you!


Q:  What is my down-payment?

A:  Your down payment is catered to you! Meaning there are SEVERAL factors that impact this.

If you have a trade in, how much that trade in is worth, how much the vehicle is, etc. Stop in for a FREE Trade in appraisal from one of our experts and we can help you work those numbers!


Q: Why must I come in to have my Trade in appraised?

A:  We want to give you the most BANG for your buck! We want to see, hear, and drive your vehicle so that we can give you the MOST ACCURATE numbers!


Q:  What is my loan term?

A: Your loan term, interest rate, etc. will depend on different factors. How much the car is, the year of the car, the mileage?


Q: What do I qualify for?

A: Each customer will qualify differently on EACH vehicle. Often times we look only at the dollar amount on the vehicle. This isn’t how it works! You might think you NEED a vehicle around 8k to meet your debt to income ratio, or to stay in the payment bracket you need. In reality it is very common for us to get you into a higher quality, newer vehicle that might have a higher price tag and a LOWER payment. We would be happy to help work those numbers with you! J 


Q: I have less than perfect credit? Can you help me?

A: OF COURSE WE CAN! We offer In-house Finance, Second Chance Finance, as well as 18 different lenders that we work closely with. We have a 99% approval rate!  Bankruptcy? Repossessions? NOT AN ISSUE J

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