How to Keep Cool In Your Car - WITHOUT A/C!

Beating the July heat can be quite a feat - especially with the extreme heat we've had here in Winchester during the last few weeks! Extremely high temperatures are not just an inconvenience - they can actually be dangerous. It's very important to be smart about navigating the heat to avoid overheating. 

So what do you do when the A/C goes out in your car, and you can't get it fixed right away? 

Here are a few tips for beating the July heat, even without A/C in your car! 

1. Keep Your Car Ventilated
It seems obvious, but it's very important to keep your car ventilated when you don't have A/C. If it is safe for you to do this, it is a good idea to crack the windows in your car, even when you're not in it. This will allow some of the hot air to escape and make your car feel less like a heat trap when you get into it! 
When you are driving, pull your hair back and roll down all your windows! Get as much air as you can moving through your car and onto your body. 

2. Try to Plan Your Trips During the Cooler Parts of the Day
Not everyone is going to be able to do this - some errands are pressing and time sensitive. We get it! But if you are able, plan to be out and about during the cooler parts of the day. Set an alarm and wake up extra early to run your errands for the day while the air outside is still cool, or even head out to take care of your business in the evening. 

3. Put a Wet Cloth or Ice Pack In Front of Your Vents
Whether or not your A/C is working, there is likely still warm air coming through your vents when it's not running. Placing a wet cloth or ice pack in front of your vents can help cool down the air that does make it through your vents help cool you down. 

4. Keep YOUR Body Cool
This is probably the most important tip for when your A/C goes out! Keep YOUR body cool. Hydrate a LOT. Drink plenty of water and electrolyte drinks to replace what you lose when you sweat. Keep a cooler with bottles of ice water with you in the car and when you're overheating, hold them against sensitive points on your body like your forehead, neck, or inner thighs. This will actually make your whole body feel cooler! There are also plenty of interesting gadgets you can buy designed to keep you cooler in the summer heat. 

5. Get it FIXED! 
Another obvious one - get your A/C fixed as soon as possible! No one wants to go without A/C in the summer heat, and extreme temperatures always have the potential to be dangerous. 

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